• Brittany Schneider

The First Trimester Sickness

The First Trimester was a lot of things for me. But easy wasn't one of them. I battled: fatigue,all day nausea, sore breasts, strange dreams, frequent urination, dizziness, car sickness, and weight gain.

The Fatigue was tiredness to a level I had never felt before. I literally wanted to curl in a ball and sleep all day, but obviously I couldn't do that. I did all i could to be as efficient as possible while napping at noon every day and going to bed at 8 every night. The fatigue is getting a lot better in week 1 but it is not gone. Dr. Steele said that I will have good days every once in a while and eventually I will have more good days than bad.

Most mornings i could not keep my breakfast down so I started having one piece of bland toast for breakfast, If I kept that down i would eat another piece 30 minutes later. I ate soup a lot because it settled with my stomach a lot better than my usual salad or chicken. Ginger Chews have made a huge difference in my life, Especially while traveling. They calm your stomach when you feel nauseous. By no means was ginger a cure for the nausea though. There were days when the only thought that lingered in my mind was "DO NOT THROW UP" It worked most of the time, but I cant say that I never threw up at a meeting. Luckily, I was able to make it to the bathroom when that happened. A lot of MOTFL (Mothers on the Front line) told me to eat constantly, but that didn't seem to work for me. Peppermint did not calm my stomach because i had a strong aversion to it since every time i tried to brush my teeth I would throw up.

I had never had sore breasts as a PMS symptom so I had no idea how much they could hurt or what my friends were talking about until i got that happy little Yes and plus sign on my pregnancy test. I appreciated going up one cup size in the first trimester but I could have gone without the sore to touch breasts that came with the amazing and new 34B cup size i am now slowly growing out of.

I've never been one to have sweet dreams but my dreams got way more out of hand as my hormones raged in the beginning of pregnancy. I had crazy dreams, strange dreams, scary dreams, and every once in a while sweet dreams. Your father had some strange dreams too. This had a lot to do with all of the changes going on in our life. Yes, life is changing a lot for us right now, but we are so happy about every change and cannot wait for you to be here.

Dizziness is not something that I suffer from daily, but every once in a while it hits me like a ton of bricks. The very first time it hit was while I was walking through Costco and getting some grocery shopping done. Luckily there was a chair nearby and I sat down for a little, just until it got better. I am realizing that the dizziness usually comes from me either not drinking enough water or standing up to fast. I am learning that I am not as resilient as i once was. Because of this, I take it easy a lot more now than I used to.

Car sickness has become a thing of the past since using the Acupressure Magnetic Patches from Accident Pain & Injury Center. Actually, they have made morning sickness a lot more bearable as well. I put them three fingers down from the center of my wrist. It makes my frequent car rides a worry from the past. All I need to remember, it my acupressure magnets and everything else is smooth sailing.

Everyone i know personally had a symptom free pregnancy so I sort of felt like the unlucky one during the first trimester. Reading forums about other moms having the same issues as me made me feel like it wasn't just me. So i hope this article helps any moms going through the same first trimester misery. Although it might stink right now, it is all worth it in the end.

With Love,


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