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The first letter to Baby Hogan

It was January 29th and I was two days late...which isn't unusual for me. Ever since I got my period at 16 I have been irregular. But this time was different. Along with being late, I had this mind numbing head ache. Which is really unusual for me. Especially since i was so tired that i could barely get out of bed. I was going to get adjusted the following weekend to help with the headache...but something in the back of my head told me i was pregnant.

So that morning when i got up, I took a pregnancy test. However, my impatience caused me to put the test on the ground with the intention to pick it up in a few minutes. I got distracted and started cleaning the house. A few hours later, I remembered that I left the test on the floor. As I went to grab it i saw the words YES accompanied by a "+" sign. I felt a mix of emotions nervous, scared, anxious, but ultimately extremely happy and excited.

I did not tell your dad that night, I didn't know the right way to tell him. It took me two days to tell your father, i decided not to do it in a cutesy way but a conversation. I am happy with the way I told him. Your dad was so happy and excited. Your dad is not one to get excited, but you have made him feel things he hasn't in a while. Then we had to decide when and how to tell everyone.

We both knew that in the first trimester there is a very high risk of miscarriage so we decided to keep it to ourselves for a while. I was terrified during the First Trimester that something would happen but you grew nice and strong so at week 11 we told everyone.

First we told your Grandpa Bill and Grandma Natali. We got them scratch off lotto tickets that were both winners and when they scratched off to see the prize it told them that they were going to be grandparents. Grandpa Bill was super excited and so was your Grandma Natali.

Second we told your Grandpa Kevin, Grandma Barb, and Uncle Jeff. Your Grandpa just finished his last round of Chemo and we made a cake to celebrate. Little did they know, it was a pinata cake. In the center of the cake were pink and blue diaper pins and little tiny babies. When Grandma was cutting in the cake and she hit the pinata center...she thought it was chocolate chips, a hidden surprise for Kevin...so she had him finish cutting the first piece. Their excitement when they took the first piece of cake out was priceless. Uncle Jeff and Uncle Scott were onto us and weren't as surprised. However, they were very excited. Uncle Jeff and Uncle Scott had a bet on your due date before Kyle and I had even told anyone that we were expecting you.

Next, we went to your Great Grandma Peggy's house. I wrapped up a coffee mug that says Great Grandma. Hiding the text on the mug was a sheet of paper that said "coming October 7, 2019" followed by your very first ultrasound. She immediately started crying tears of joy. Grandma Peggy is so excited for your arrival.

Not long after I told grandma that we are expecting you, some of my cousins stopped over to go shopping with me and Grandma greeted them all with the picture of the ultrasound. This is also when your Uncle Brad found out. He was dropping his girlfriend off to go shopping with us and we showed him the ultrasound.

When we were initially telling everyone the exciting news, Great Grandma Linda was on a cruise. So when she got back, Mommy and Daddy headed to visit and give her the same exciting news. Following telling Great Grandma Linda, she decorated her house with the picture of your ultrasound, a coffee mug and her ceramic angel. Not long after finding out Great Grandma Linda set out to get you a few books for us to read to you when you get here.

Love Always,


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