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As my bump becomes bigger it become more real to me that i am pregnant. Everyone is so excited! Grandma is already buying you cute blankets and outfits and toys. Great grandma is getting you books to enhance your reading experience when the time comes. Dad and I have already bought you a stroller. And I couldn't wait to start buying you clothes so even though we don't know what you are, I have already gotten you some gender neutral onesies. This all has made me think about: aspects of pregnancy that bring me joy, what i look forward to about labor and delivery, what i look forward to about having a newborn.

I truly enjoy taking "bump date" pictures. I started as soon as I found out about you and haven't missed a week. I also followed a bunch of mommy bloggers to get their insight on all things mom. Reading books about your development is a joy for me. Everything that I can do to better prepare myself for you is a joy. I will be going to my very first prenatal yoga class tonight and I could not be more excited. There are so many things that bring me excitement, but the number one thing is meeting you in October.

The thing i am looking forward to most about Labor and Delivery is meeting you. I have to admit though, I am a little nervous. Your father and I have decided that a natural birth is safest and most beneficial to your health but i am afraid of how much it will hurt. It doesn't help that my mom loves to remind me how painful it was for her. However, her recovery was a lot faster with me than my brother. For my brother, she had an epidural and had back pain for months to follow.

There are so many things i look forward to doing with you once you are here. I'll dress you up for Halloween. Your father and I will be super thankful this year at Thanksgiving because it will be our first with you. I cannot wait to go black Friday shopping for you. Both Great Grandmas, Grandma, and Daddy will be enjoying going to Kraynaks this year, followed by going to Daffin's Candy, TJ Maxx, and Ryers. You'll get your first picture with Santa this year. Kara, Avia, you and I will all go to see Disney on Ice this winter and so much more. I just can't wait.

Daddy and I will have the house all ready for your arrival in October. We are already working on your registry and will have a car seat in both cars. We have one of the two strollers and Mommy is looking for the perfect crib as we speak.

With Love,


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